I recently signed up for a swap using alcohol inks, I dont know about you guys but I love my alcohol inks so much that Ive almost used all my blending solution up!

I was too impatient to wait for an order of more to come in so I decided to improvise. I looked around my stash to see what I could find as an alternative.

Yes I coulda used ordinary rubbing alcohol (or surgical spirit as we call it in the UK) but I didnt want to use that, I wanted something DIFFERENT.

Then my eyes laid upon the half used bottle of floor wax I had and I heard the little voice inside me shout with glee – I hadnt tried alcohol inks with that yet!

For these backgrounds I used ordinary floor wax, in the UK it goes under the brand of Johnsons Klear and can be bought in all the big supermarkets. Other side of the pond its known as Future Floor Finish.

These backgrounds are very messy to make – but hey thats all part of the fun ya know 😉

Read on for details on how you can make em:

What You Need:

* Floor Wax
* Alcohol Inks
* Plastic Container – I used a washing up bowl
* Plastic Cling Wrap/Film
* Glossy Card (cut sheets so they fit inside plastic container/bowl)
* Heat Gun (for drying)
* Newspaper (for laying finished backgrounds on to dry)

Seaside Theme Wax CardHow To Create:

1. Place the plastic wrap inside the plastic bowl to protect the bottom of the bowl as the inks will stain.

2. Pour a generous amount of floor wax in the container, you want just enough wax to cover the base of the container.
3. Next take your alcohol inks and gently drop ink from the bottles – you dont need a lot as the inks disperse in the wax.

Do not completely cover the surface with ink, allow spaces inbetween drops so that the drops can blend together and create interesting patterns.

I use approve 2-3 different colours for this.

4. Take your gloss card and place over the inks, gently tap, then lift off, allow the inks and wax on your card to move around to create texture and movement. Then place on your newspaper to dry out. You can speed along the drying process with an heat gun if you prefer.

Your background is complete.

You can now place more card onto the ink and wax mix in the container to lift off more background colour. I keep doing this until there is no ink left. Then I add more wax and ink to replensish and make more backgrounds.

Once dry you can stamp and use your backgrounds in your artwork. I find Brilliance inkpad works best when stamping on the waxy surface as it doesnt bubble like dye inks do.

Here are the backgrounds I created earlier:

These backgrounds where created using the alcohol mixatives on black glossy card with a tiny amount of colour:

Try it yourself and see!