These backgrounds are real fun to make, and no special skill is needed either! Your literally load the paint onto a credit card and scrape away onto card stock to create wonderful abstract colourful backgrounds which are perfect for stamping on!

What You Will Need

  • Unwanted Credit Card – ie one of those mobile phone cards, or those fake membership cards you get through the post
  • Assorted Colour Lumieres: I used Olive Green, Pearl Blue, Pearl Lilac and Copper.
  • If you dont have lumieres you can subsitute using ordinary acrylic paints.
    I’m a lumiere addict which is why I HAD to use them:)
  • Black or White Matt Card Stock
  • Stamps of Your Choice
  • I used Wordy and Arty Stamps
  • Embossing Ink Pad
  • Silver Embossing Powder
  • Black Stazon Inkpad

How to Create

Lay your sheet of card stock onto a protected work surface.

Now there are 3 ways in which you can create these backgrounds, all work well, its a matter of personal preference, I will tell you how to do them all, and you can try and decide which method suits you best!

Method One:

1. Take your credit card and hold it in your hands longways, along the edge of one side of the credit card, dot several colours of Lumieres (or paint of choice) until you have a row of paint

2. Bring the credit card, paint edge first, down onto the surface of the card stock, and scrape it in a downwards movement to transfer the paint.

As you do this movement, the paint magically transfers onto the card, and looks a little like its been brayered with a rainbow inkpad, except it hasnt!

The results look a little like this

I find if you use black card stock, you need to emboss over the image, which is why I embossed with silver. But if you create your backgrounds on white cardstock, you can stamp over with a black dye inkpad. I used Stazon because I love the true black colour it creates. But you could use any black dye inkpad of choice.

Method Two:

The results for these backgrounds look quite similar to the ones created using method one above.

1. On your sheet of card stock, dot several colours of paint at the top of the card, continue until you have a row of paint

2. Next bring your credit card down onto the paint and scrape it in a downwards movement to the bottom of the card stock to spread the colours and merge together.

The results look a little like this

Method Three:

This method is my favbourite! Its more arty and you can really go to town playing round with all the colours!

1. On your card stock, dot different colours all over the surface, be totally random, following no pattern at all

2. Using the credit card, iterally lift the paint and scrape and spread it all over the card…making a nice colourful gooey mess! All the colours will naturally blend together creating a wonderful multicoloured textured background. Set aside to dry

The results look a little like this

Once you’ve got the hang of these backgrounds you can experiment using different colour combos and schemes!

I created some backgrounds on white card and some on black, the differences between them can be striking.

Also try experimenting adding less and more paint to allow the orginal card stock colour to show through.

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