I was playing around with my brayer the other day and I came up with these colourful brayered backgrounds for stamping on!

Instead of brayering the ink on perfectly to create a smooth background of colour, I first applied water to the card stock, then rolled on the inks very lightly and gently to create an uneven rough background of colour.

Which could then be either left as it is or brayered over again in a contrasting colours to create artful brayered backgrounds.

Read on for more details on how you too can create these easy backgrounds!

Supplies Used

  • Rubber Brayer
  • Water Spray Bottle filled with water
  • Household Sponge
  • Dye Ink Pads: I used Embossing Arts Inkpads in Blue, Pink and Purple
  • Kaliedacolor Desert Heat Ink Pad
  • White Gloss Card
  • Heat Gun
  • Newspaper to protect your work surface

Creating Artful Brayered Backgrounds

Method One

These backgrounds are created using just one layer of colour, you can see samples of them above left and also to the right. The blue and pink backgrounds where created using just one layer of colour. I liked the effects of these backgrounds as they looked both colourful and patchy with sections of the white card stock showing through. It reminded me of shadow stamping in a way. Directions for how to create them are below:

1. Place white gloss card onto work surface covered with newspaper.

2. Ink your brayer up using dye inkpad colour your choice (I used blue or pink) and lightly apply colour to the card. You want to keep rolling the colour very lightly and quickly over the surface of the card so that only parts of the ink are actually brayered onto the card stock.

Method Two

These directions are for creating more colourful backgrounds, and involve 3 layers of colour, see example to the left.

1. Place newspaper over your work surface to protect it as it will get very messy!

2. Place white gloss card onto newspaper and spray over the top using the water spray bottle.

3. Use the household sponge to mop the water up and move it around the surface of the card so that there is water over the entire surface.

4. Ink your brayer up using a dark colour dye inkpad, I used Purple, lightly apply colour to the card. You want to roll the colour on very quickly and lightly so that only parts of the ink are brayered onto the card stock. The water allows the ink to blend creating a kinda wash.

5. Working quickly, clean your brayer and then ink it up with another dye inkpad colour, I used pink, roll it quickly across the card stock using the same swift motions as before.

6. Finally clean, then ink your brayer using Kaliedacolor Desert Heat Inkpad and brayer over the entire card stock, making sure you fill in all the blank white areas.

If at this stage the inks havent blended together too well or the water you sprayed on has dried you can apply another coat of water to the card stock.

7. Dry background with heat gun and set aside for future use.

Thats how easy it is to create artful brayered backgrounds! The trick is to experiment with colours of inks and colour combinations and with using little and more water to create washes! Try it and see!

All the cards I created below where stamped using a Black Stazon Inkpad, this is my favourite blank inkpad as it is really vibrant and dark.

Rubber Stamps Used:

  • Tulip: Diffusion
  • Flower is a Soul Quote: PSX
  • Da Vinci Collage: Stampington
  • Assorted Small Words On Backgrounds and Borders: ANM, Inkadinkadoo and Chapel Road Art Stamps
  • Tag Collage: Diffusion
  • Script Background: Tin Can Mail
  • Block Collage: Stampington
  • Art Washes Away Quote: Inkadinkadoo

Cards Using Artful Brayered Background Technique