I love using these inks on ordinary gloss card – the colours are so vibrant and intense!

My favourite colour combination is Stream, Butterscotch and Wild Plum. The background sample directly above was created using this combo.

Materials Used:

  • Gloss White Card Stock
  • Alcohol Inks – colours of your choice – I used Butterscotch, Stream and Wild Plum
  • Pom Pom
  • Blending Solution

How To Apply Alcohol Inks To Gloss Card:

1. Get your pom pom, and dab a little alcohol blending solution onto the surface.

2.  Next take at least 2-3 different colours of ink and dab a few drops on the pom pom – I used Stream, Wild Plum and Butterscotch.

TIP: When using ink colours for backgrounds always use MORE light colours than dark; this will prevent your backgrounds from being too dark.

For example on the pom pom I placed approx 2 drops of Stream, 3-4 drops of Wild Plum and 4-6 drops of Butterscotch. Stream being the darkest had the fewer amounts of drops, and butterscotch being the lightest had the most amounts of drops.

3. Quickly tap the pom pom over the gloss card to transfer the colour. You may add more blending solution if you wish. You may also need to re-ink the pom pom. Continue until you are please with how your background looks and set aside for stamping later.

Stamping On Alcohol Ink Backgrounds:

I prefer to use a black Memories Inkpad for stamping over the alcohol inks. You can use other colours, but I highly recommend this specific brand. Allow the ink sufficient time to dry once you have stamped and then crop and assemble onto card!

Alcohol Ink Background Samples:

Colours Used On Above Background: Stream, Butterscotch, Pesto and Wild Plum –I added extra blending solution for a more transparent wash.

Colours Used On Above Background: Wild Plum, Cranberry and Butterscotch.

Colours Used On Above Background: Bottle, Stream, Butterscotch and Pesto

Colours Used On Above Background: Wild Plum, Cranberry, Bottle, Pesto and Butterscotch.

Extra blending solution was added to create a wash like effect.

Alcohol Inks Glossy Background Card Sample: