In addition to card stock you can use your alcohol inks on virtually ANY surface at all!

I’ve not been experimenting with the inks for very long so haven’t actually managed to use them on many surfaces; but I have so far I have tried them on dominos, sea glass and acrylic pieces. The inks work perfect on all three!

I’m going to play some more with these inks and let you know what other surfaces they work well on! So watch this space!!

Sea Glass:

You can use alcohol inks on ordinary glass; but I didn’t have any glass in to experiment with. I did have some sea glass so decided to give it a try and see how the inks would work on that instead.

I love how the inks react and look on sea glass; the glass has a rough texture and the inks literally sit in all the fine lines and grooves and this defines the texture of the glass; the overall effect looks amazing.

On both of the samples I used Butterscotch and Wild Plum inks, once the inks had dried I stamped over using a Stazon inkpad.

When the ink was dry I highlighted the edges using a gold Krylon leafing pen. I also coloured the backside of the sea glass to give it a ‘golden shine’ which is visible through the glass itself. This makes the stamped image GLOW…

Finally I sealed the inks and the stamped image with a very fine coat of Glossy Accents By Ranger.

Sea Glass Samples:


Alcohol inks were meant for dominos!

The sample on the far left was created using butterscotch, cranberry and wild plum inks on a domino.

The domino sample below was created using Pesto and Butterscotch ink colours.

I didn’t sand it or treat the dominos first; the ink was applied direct to the domino as I got it out of the box!

Once the ink was dry I stamped my image with a stazon inkpad. Let dry.

Next I highlighted the edges of the domino with a gold Krylon pen, let this dry.

Then finally sealed the whole domino with a fine layer of Glossy Accents. And let it dry to finish.

Acrylic Pieces:

This is a blank acrylic key ring I had and wanted to use it with the inks to see what it would look like.

I added inks direct to the plastic – butterscotch and wild plum. Let the inks dry.

Next I stamped onto the acrylic with black stazon inkpad and let that dry.

Then I placed a piece of printed scrap book paper on the reverse of the acrylic piece and placed both into the key ring housing and clicked them into place to seal.

The frame was highlighted using a gold Krylon pen.